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Loud And Proud

Black LGBTQ+ resilience is legendary. We are continuously breaking barriers and telling our stories. Hate will not win. We salute those living loud and proud! 



Clay Cane is burning up the airwaves bringing truth to power on the Clay Cane Show. Laverne Cox is the first trans woman of color to have a leading role on a mainstream scripted television show. Patrisse Cullors is a crusader. She and Alicia Garza helped to found the powerful Black Lives Matter movement. Both Cullers and Garza are in the forefront helping to lead the fight for liberation around the globe.



Roes Angel Haze is a talented nonbinaryhip-hop artist. Actress and singer, Janelle Monae is a force to reckon with. Janet Mock brought Ballroom culture to the masses with Pose. Actor, J. August Richards recently came out during an IG live chat. Rashad Robinson is the Executive Director of Color Of Change: the nation's largest African-American online racial justice organization. 



Ryan Russell shared he was bisexual during his quest to return to the NFL. Amiyah Scott is a transgender actress, model, and dancer. Brian Michael Smith is the first Black transgender male actor. Queer actor, Justice Smith of the Get Down fame shared his involvement in the Black Lives Matter protest on Instagram.


Non binary actress Tessa Thompson is a fierce activist, and talented singer-songwriter. Chicagoan, Lena Waite is a screenwriter, producer, and actress. Actress Samira Wiley is best known for her role as Poussey in Orange Is The New Black. Lil Nas X came out during the height of his hit song Old Town road. 


“Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.”

–  James Baldwin

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