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Executive Director

My advocacy has mainly been focused around issues regarding the Black community including lgbtq+ rights.


Through out the years there have been tremendous highs and breath taking lows.


One of the greatest gifts I have received while doing this work has been meeting so many incredible people dedicated to the fight for the liberation of Black people. 


Over the years I have often discussed the economic and cultural disparities that exists within Black lgbtq+ communities based on systemic racism. Several years ago I decided to put action behind my words. 

TVPC is the perfect platform to address and provide access to information which focuses on creating a better quality of life for members of  the Black lgbtq+ community. COVID-19 has made it difficult to serve communities that require a hand up due primarily to systemic inequalities. TVPC is a place where we strive to provide a safe space. At times we may literally be a lifeline. We can't wait to welcome our community members. 


We provide HIV testing, prevention education services, HIV positive healthcare referrals, PrEP information, condoms and prevention materials, and confidential services. We also provide information about quality of life resources. 

Our rights as members of the Black same gender loving community and our rights as Black Americans are always on the ballot. Our rights to healthcare are on the ballot. Women and Trans rights are on the ballot. Our right to vote is on the ballot.Your vote is your voice use it and vote.

We ask that you support our vital work by  getting involved. We look forward to hearing from you. 



Executive Director

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