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Our Founder


CJR founder Marc Loveless grew up in Detroit,Michigan. He moved to Chicago for an employment opportunity. Marc had a hardy laugh and was simply hilarious. He was a father and grandfather. Marc's son Nate preceded him in death. Prior to his unexpected death he relished in his role as father and grandfather. His son Johnathan and grandson JJ lost their anchor. They miss him everyday. Marc's death has shaken the advocacy community. 

Although he was devout Catholic, Marc could regularly be found attending service and civil rights meetings at Baptist churches. He was involved with National, statewide and local civil rights organizations.


He understood the intricacies of government and its importance in breaking barriers often instituted by the very same body tasked with correcting them. Marc knew nearly every mover and shaker. He was either an ally or a thorn given their position. 

Marc wasn't always punctual but he was always on time. His knowledge regarding the issues he advocated for or against was thorough and his arguments were rock-solid.


His advocacy work fighting perpetually entrenched systemic racism and Black LGBTQ+ phobias was not financially lucrative but Marc would often do without to help others. He was never in it for the money. He believed that every victory no matter the scope brought us one step closer to America living up to the words "All Men Are Created Equal."


After the tragic loss of his was son Nate a few years ago, Marc adopted a Chihuahua he quickly named Janet. His love for Janet resulted in the creation of the Bronzeville dog park. 

Although he left us unexpectedly and much too soon, his impact in various advocacy communities will live on. He spent 30 plus years in Chicago fighting for the rights of various Black communities and other marginalized people.


Marc was called to fight against  racism and systemic oppression. One could but wonder what he could have become if racism and systemic oppression did not exists?  The world lost a true warrior but those who knew and loved him loss so much more. When we are on the other side of COVID-19 we will come together to celebrate his life. 


Marc always said  "Doing Nothing Is Not An Option."


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